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At Go With the Flow , all of our Pilates instructors are Certified in STOTT PILATES® .  STOTT PILATES®  is a contemporary approach,  using the latest scientific knowledge,  to the mind-body exercise method pioneered by Joseph Pilates more than  85 years ago.  

This WORLD-RENOWNED CANADIAN company has been known for their excellence in Pilates instruction and training for over 30 yrs.


Under the parent company Merrithew ®(, they also offer training in the Merrithew Fascial Movement® and ZEN*GA® Both of these disciplines deal with the use of fascial movement exercises to help facilitate freedom of movement without stiffness or pain. Fascia is made up of connective tissue found below the skin.

These tissues create stability, increase strength, and

connection between the  muscular and skeletal systems. 


Adding the concept of facial movement to the STOTT PILATES®  repertoire creates an exercise program that increases strength mobility and decreases pain and stiffness.

We have instructors trained in all of these disciplines​. Book a private to see how this specialized training can help with your pain and stiffness issues or your generalized fitness goals .

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